Marketing is storytelling

Imagine two companies side by side, both delivering more or less the same product to the same standard. One happens to be doing much better than the other, but why? There’s a good chance it’s because the more successful business is telling a better story about itself, and this is where we can help you.

Mojo Your Business is an award-winning consultancy and training company specialising in communication. We help companies understand what makes them different to their rivals. Together, we craft that into a compelling story and coach leaders and teams how to tell that story really well.

The result is a less commoditised brand, where people buy from you not just for logical reasons, but because it FEELS right. With a more remarkable story you’ll find it easier to attract and retain clients – and talent!

Consultancy – getting the right message

This might involve interviews and questionnaires to really get under the skin of the business and discover its true identity. The result may surprise you and be quite different to the message you’re currently delivering. We want to know what makes you YOU and we develop a multi-layered story around that.

Training & Coaching – delivering the message

Mojo discussion groupYou’re delivering this message all the time, both in person and increasingly online. This might be while you’re presenting & pitching, networking, exhibiting or being interviewed. You’re also telling your story through your static web copy, when you blog, produce video and engage people through social media. We work with your leaders and sales teams to ensure you’re doing justice to your brand when you’re telling people what you offer.

Mojo on the inside – company culture

Ideally your message should be an authentic representation of what’s happening inside your business, otherwise it’s built on rocky foundations. We can help you galvanise your workforce behind a common purpose, something which sits at the heart of your company story.

Bring some mojo to your business

Our team of internationally experienced consultants have been working with clients like KPMG, Unilever, General Medical Council, Pannone, Beaverbrooks, the Academy for Chief Executives and many other corporate and public sector clients to encourage a new story-based approach to communication.

See a list of some of our clients here and testimonials here.

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