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Mojo Your Business™ is an award-winning training company based in Manchester UK and working internationally that provides communication, leadership and business development training and consultancy. Our mission is to simplify business language and help people communicate more effectively both digitally and face-to-face, especially through the medium of stories.

We believe that too much business communication is bland, factual and transactional; and in a noisy, information-rich world such language falls on deaf or disbelieving ears. Organisations need to cut through that noise and connect with their audience on a more human level – that’s where authentic storytelling plays a key role.

We’re very interested in the story you’re telling about you and your organisation, about the difference you’re making to people and whether that message is really coming across. We want to help you tell your story better (both on line and off), so it makes an impact when it matters.

Our approach is HOLISTIC – we see a deep connection between the way you communicate on the outside (your marketplace) and what goes on inside (within your organisation, your business and indeed yourself). This is authenticity - the story you tell on the outside reflects what’s happening on the inside!

As well as improving your external messaging, Mojo Your Business™  also employs an INTERNAL and digital story-sharing methodology which drives employee engagement, knowledge sharing, talent development and innovation.

This is the Mojo Your Business™ approach. Our team of internationally experienced consultants have been working with clients like KPMG, Unilever, General Medical Council, Pannone, Beaverbrooks, the Academy for Chief Executives and many other corporate and public sector clients to encourage a new story-based approach to communication.

Business communication skills through storytelling

External (marketplace) communications

There’s so much marketing ‘noise’ these days that simply telling more people what you do isn’t enough. Mojo Your Business TM approach to storytelling in business You need a really strong, compelling and authentic STORY to stand out from the crowd and attract people to you (clients, customers, talent, sponsors, funding etc).

We help you craft that story AND tell it well, so the message gets across (through your networking, presenting, web copy, blogging, etc).

Internal (workforce) communications

There’s a huge body of knowledge and experiences contained within your workforce – the untapped gold within your business. Mojo Your Business™  has a methodology for helping you mine this rich resource, producing wonderful stories for your external marketing and at the same time enabling knowledge sharing, team building, driving innovation and engaging and motivating the very workers who are now sharing these experiences.

Benefits of the Mojo Your Business™ approach to communication skills development

  • Positive brand resonance through ‘inside-out communication’™ – engage more clients and achieve more sales
  • Knowledge sharing and collaboration – drives innovation and productivity
  • Engaged, motivated, highly productive and impressive employees
  • Talent can be more easily identified and developed
  • Improved communication between individuals, teams/departments achieving alignment of working and learning practices to achieve strategic business goals
  • Ultimately, competitive edge and improved profitability - we call this The ‘soft side’ of the hard bottom line – read our WhitePaper here.

You don’t just have to take our word for it…

Many business leaders and organisations have already benefited from our innovative approach – see a list of some of our clients here and testimonials here.

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